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Aso Rock Panic as UN interested on Kanu Case.

Tensions rise in Aso Rock as the United Nations expresses a strong and unexpected interest in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s illegal kidnapping.



Tensions rise in Aso Rock as the United Nations expresses a strong and unexpected interest in Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s illegal kidnapping.

According to Newsvillepost, the Supreme Leader of the IPOB was illegally kidnapped from Kenya, as he stated, but the Kenyan government disputes the statement.

Aso Rock Who jubilation came after the forceful extradited of Nnamdi Kanu were silent over the accused statements from the Kenya government.


This has been going on for a week and is still going on in the DSs cell as we report, but the UN is now very interested in the issue, so we’ll keep going as the story unfolds in different dimensions.

Legal team of the said leader of the indigenous people of Biafra IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has been going through maltreatment in the hand of the abductors so called Aso Rock.

The head of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, was abducted and brought once more into the country in July by Nigeria’s security organizations lead by the Aso Rock. There have been contentions with regards with the impact of such illicit mode through which Kanu was brought once again into the country by the security specialists and the legitimate impact it will have on the locale of the court to proceed with his preliminary; coming from the way that he was not appropriately and lawfully removed into the country.

As of late, Kanu’s attorney, Aloy Ejimakor, raised the Tenet of Extra-Common Rendition as a boundary to the ward of the court to proceed with the preliminary of the IPOB pioneer.

This article questions the importance of the Precept of Extra-Customary Rendition and how much, assuming any, such a convention will strip the Government High Court of its ward to proceed with the preliminary of Kanu, in accordance with worldwide practices.

Rendition, in legitimate terms, infers the exchange of an individual (criminal) starting with one purview then onto the next. Obviously, Dark’s Law Word reference 1410 (ninth ed. 2004)

On account of what is typically called “rendition,” the technique includes the legitimate giving over (or back) an individual to one more purview with better rights or locale to attempt him.

“Rendition is in itself lawful and inside the limits of the law. Extra-normal Rendition happens outside of the limits of the law. Rendition works inside law and order; phenomenal rendition falls outside. Rendition carries suspects to government or state court; phenomenal rendition doesn’t.”

As indicated by Dark’s Law Word reference (ninth ed.), “Extra-Normal Rendition is the exchange, without formal charges, preliminary, or court endorsement, of an individual… to an unfamiliar country for detainment and cross examination for the moving country.”

Aso Rock illegal abduction of Nnamdi Kanu
Nnamdi kanu and bar. Ejiofor

As indicated by the European Court of Common liberties, Extra-Conventional Rendition is “An extrajudicial exchange of people starting with one purview or State then onto the next, for the reasons for confinement and cross examination outside the typical general set of laws, where there was a genuine danger of torment, or brutal, barbaric or corrupting treatment”.

It is the demonstration of taking detainees to one more country to get things done to them that would not be permitted in your own country, for instance, tormenting (= harming) them to make them give you data.

Extra-Conventional Rendition is essentially the public authority supported snatching and extrajudicial exchange of an individual starting with one country then onto the next fully intent on evading the previous nation’s laws.

As we comprehend the definition and utilize the expression “unprecedented rendition”, the moment instance of Kanu is in itself a type of Extra-Conventional Rendition unique in relation to the ones in the instances of Al Nashiri v. Poland (no. 28761/11) and Husayn (Abu Zubaydah) v. Poland (no. 7511/13), both under the watchful eye of the European Court of Common liberties.

On account of the US v. Alvarez-Machain, on whether the kidnapping of Alvarez-Machain from Mexico stripped the area court of purview over the respondent, the US High Court held per Boss Equity Rehnquist, composing for the larger part, investigated the proceeding with reasonability of the Ker-Frisbie Principle. In Ker v. Illinois, Ker was persuasively kidnapped from Peru and brought to the US to stand preliminary for robbery. Ker tested the court’s purview over him and contended that he had a right under the removal arrangement between the US and Peru to be gotten back to the US just as per the provisions of the settlement. The High Court dismissed Ker’s contention and held that “such coercive snatching is no adequate motivation behind why the party ought not answer when brought inside the ward of the court which has the privilege to attempt him for such an offense, and presents no legitimate issue with his preliminary in such court.”

The above precept holds that the way that a criminal was brought into a court’s purview through an unlawful capture or a persuasive snatching disregarding the litigant’s privileges doesn’t naturally strip the court of ward.

Applying the above tenet to the instance of Kanu, the way that he was illicitly captured, seized, tormented (which is devilish and unlawful) and brought into the nation doesn’t in any capacity deny the Government High Court of the purview to proceed with his preliminary.

This is a lawful tenet, which underlines that the way that an individual might have been wrongly or unreasonably captured won’t bias a legitimate detainment or court preliminary under fair treatment. This implies that the strategy or means through which you are brought to court itself will bias a legitimate court measure.

It is concurred from famous portrayal of occasions that prompted me. Kanu being brought once more into the country, that he was wrongfully captured, unlawfully confined, tormented and grabbed once again into the country, the solution for this flagrant and mischievous break of his sacred rights and break to African Contract of Common liberties is to move toward the court to implement his right and the cure will in decisive activity and solution for this dastard break.

All in all, no contention will legitimize the illegal break to one side in the manner he was hijacked, tormented and snatched once again into the nation, yet these in themselves won’t consequently strip or deny the court of its ward to proceed with his preliminary as recommended by his legal advisor.

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