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Taliban forces put end to women’s protest.

e are here to acquire common liberties in Afghanistan,” said 20-year-old dissident Maryam Naiby. “I love my country. I will consistently be here.



KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban forces in cover discharged their weapons into the air Saturday, carrying a sudden and startling finish to the most recent dissent walk in the capital by Afghan ladies requesting equivalent rights from the new rulers.

Ladies assemble to request their privileges under the Taliban forces rule during a dissent in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, Sept. 4, 2021. The Taliban have guaranteed a comprehensive government and a more moderate type of Islamic principle than when they last managed the country from 1996 to 2001. Be that as it may, numerous Afghans, particularly ladies, are profoundly doubtful and dread a rollback of rights acquired in the course of the most recent twenty years.

Additionally on Saturday, the head of Pakistan’s amazing knowledge organization, which affects the Taliban, made an unexpected visit to Kabul.

Taliban warriors immediately caught the vast majority of Afghanistan last month and commended the takeoff of the last U.S. powers following 20 years of war. The radical gathering must now oversee a conflict desolated country that is vigorously dependent on worldwide guide.

The ladies’ walk — the second in as numerous days in Kabul — started calmly. Demonstrators laid a wreath outside Afghanistan’s Guard Service to respect Afghan officers who passed on battling the Taliban forces prior to walking on to the official royal residence.

“We are here to acquire common liberties in Afghanistan,” said 20-year-old dissident Maryam Naiby. “I love my country. I will consistently be here.”

As the dissenters’ yells developed stronger, a few Taliban authorities swam into the group to ask what they needed to say.

Flanked by individual demonstrators, Sudaba Kabiri, a 24-year-old college understudy, revealed to her Taliban conversationalist that Islam’s Prophet gave ladies rights and they needed theirs. The Taliban official guaranteed ladies would be given their privileges yet the ladies, all in their mid 20s, were distrustful.

As the demonstrators arrived at the official castle, twelve Taliban exceptional powers ran into the group, terminating noticeable all around and sending demonstrators escaping. Kabiri, who addressed The Related Press, said they likewise terminated nerve gas.

The Taliban have guaranteed a comprehensive government and a more moderate type of Islamic standard than when they last administered the country from 1996 to 2001. Yet, numerous Afghans, particularly ladies, are profoundly distrustful and dread a roll back of rights acquired throughout the most recent twenty years.

Afghan women in a meeting regarding the inclusion of women with the Taliban forces
Afghan women in a meeting

For a large part of the beyond about fourteen days, Taliban authorities have been holding gatherings among themselves, in the midst of reports of contrasts among them arising. Right off the bat Saturday, adjoining Pakistan’s incredible knowledge boss Gen. Faiez Hameed made an unexpected visit to Kabul. It wasn’t promptly clear what he needed to say to the Taliban administration yet the Pakistani knowledge administration affects the Taliban.

The Taliban administration had its base camp in Pakistan and were frequently supposed to be in direct contact with the amazing Between Administrations Insight office. Despite the fact that Pakistan regularly denied giving the Taliban military guide, the allegation was frequently made by the Afghan government and Washington.

Faiez’ visit comes as the world holds back to perceive what sort of government the Taliban will ultimately report, looking for one that is comprehensive and guarantees security of ladies’ privileges and the nation’s minorities.

The Taliban forces have guaranteed a wide based government and have held discussions with previous president Hamid Karzai and the previous government’s arrangement boss Abdullah. Be that as it may, the cosmetics of the new government is questionable and it was indistinct whether firm stance ideologues among the Taliban will win the day — and regardless of whether the rollbacks dreaded by the showing ladies will happen.

Taliban individuals whitewashed paintings Saturday that advanced medical care, cautioned of the risks of HIV and surprisingly gave proper respect to a portion of Afghanistan’s famous unfamiliar givers, similar to anthropologist Nancy Dupree, who without any help chronicled Afghanistan’s rich social heritage. It was a stressing indication of endeavors to delete tokens of the beyond 20 years.

The wall paintings were supplanted with mottos saluting Afghans on their triumph.

A Taliban social commission representative, Ahmadullah Muttaqi, tweeted that the wall paintings were covered up “in light of the fact that they are against our qualities. They were ruining the personalities of the mujahedeen and rather we composed mottos that will be valuable to everybody.”

In the mean time, the young ladies demonstrators said they have needed to oppose stressed families to press ahead with their fights, in any event, escaping their homes to take their requests for equivalent rights to the new rulers.

Farhat Popalzai, an additional 24-year-old college understudy, said she needed to be the voice of Afghanistan’s voiceless ladies, those too hesitant to even consider coming out in the city.

“I’m the voice of the ones who can’t talk.” she said. “They think this is a man’s nation yet it isn’t, it is a lady’s nation as well.”

Popalzai and her kindred demonstrators are too youthful to even consider recollecting the Taliban decide that finished in 2001 with the U.S.- drove attack. The say their dread depends on the accounts they have known about ladies not being permitted to go to class and work.

Naiby, the 20-year-old, has as of now worked a ladies’ association and is a representative for Afghanistan’s Paralympics. She pondered the huge number of Afghans who raced to Kabul’s Hamid Karzai Worldwide Air terminal to get away from Afghanistan after the Taliban overran the capital on Aug. 15.

“They were apprehensive,” however for her she said, the battle is in Afghanistan.

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