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BBNaija S6: Just your friendship nothing more, Nini told Saga

Although Saga has stated that he has no relationship outside of the house



 BBNaija S6 Shine Ya Eye’s roommate Nini said she just wanted Saga’s friendship and zip more. 

 Said this Friday night, day 62 of the show, because the duo talked about their income reception. Read more

 BBNaija S6 Nini said to Saga, “How many millions have you ever made during this house? you ought to give me 30 percent.” 

 “I got you,” Saga said. 

 “See, I got you. Sweet mouth, i do not want your money,” Nini said. 

  BBNaija S6 Saga said, “I can provides it to you.” 

 Nini, however, insisted that she didn’t want his money and it had been just a joke. 

 “You don’t desire my money. So what does one want from me?” Saga asked. 

 Nini replied: “Nothing. Nice friendship and stop being boring.” 

 This happens after  BBNaija S6 Saga says she broke off her three-year relationship before joining the show. 

BBNaija S6 Nini and Saga
BBNaija S6 Nini and Saga

 Although Saga has stated that he has no relationship outside of the house, it’s like he may need one on the show, with  BBNaija S6 Nini

 Nini and Saga are without a doubt one in every of the closest duos to the house and Saga had made it known that he loved her beyond the amount of friendship. Read more

 However, their “ship” is unrequited love as Nini refuses to just accept that they’re over friends as she still claims to possess a boyfriend removed from home.

She also complained earlier, she said I hope my relationship continues to be intact, says Nini 

 one amongst the roommates on Big Brother Naija’s sixth season Shine Ya Eyes show Naija, Nini, said he hoped he hadn’t done anything reception to jeopardize her relationship along with her boyfriend. Read more

 He expressed his fears while within the newspaper room with Big Brother. 

When asked if he had been in an exceedingly relationship before coming to the Casa, Nini replied: “Yes. 

i used to be in an exceedingly relationship that became by coming to the House. 

 “I hope i have never done anything to bother my boyfriend and jeopardize the connection.” 

 His statement, in step with a spectator, means Saga, who has expressed his love for  BBNaija S6 Nini, is in an exceedingly “situation”. 

 Asked about her reaction to the disappearance act she put in situ at the behest of massive Brother, Nini said it absolutely was the foremost exciting thing for her within the House. 

 However, Nini added, he felt sorry the roommates for the emotions they felt when she disappeared. 

 Big Brother, at the tip of the session, promised her a prize for successfully completing the sport. 

 Big Brother also urged her to follow the act and not tell roommates what happened .

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